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The Ideal Experience of Saving the Bees

Bees are dying, but how many people know that? How can people help save the bees? What can we actually do that is easy and fun.

The final deliverable was a magazine with all of the solutions, found at the bottom of the page.

In this project we conducted surveys, interviews and cultural probes to gather our research

Project Duration

Summer 2020 

10 weeks

My Role

Contextual research


Cultural probe

Affinity Mapping

Team Members

Ren Fairley

Sara Castellano

Valentina Garcia

Isabella Morrow

Problem Space

The ideal experience of saving the bees while at home. We wanted to talk to local honey farmers, vegans, educators and more


We found that using bee friendly pesticides will go a long way to help the bees! Making sure you have flowers for them to pollinate. Buying from local honey farmers! Learn more through our findings on the bottom of the page!

Here is our sensory cue workshop for one of our cultural probe:

Click here for sound!

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